About me

I am a passionate Computer Science student based in Miami, specializing in algorithms, data structures, software development, and system design.

Proficient in Algorithms & Analysis

Proficient in Java, I have developed strong skills in utilizing its object-oriented paradigm to learn programming. Through university coursework, I have gained a solid understanding of Java’s libraries, and frameworks, allowing me to effectively solve programming challenges. Furthermore, I have attained knowledge in C++, mastering concepts such as data structures, memory management, and pointer manipulation. This knowledge has been honed through university projects and assignments, where I have implemented complex algorithms and optimized code for performance. Additionally, my experience with the C language has provided me with a foundation in fundamental programming principles. It has equipped me with the ability to write efficient and concise code, an essential skill for software development. Lastly, Python has been an integral part of my university studies, primarily for rapid prototyping, data analysis, and machine learning tasks. Its simplicity and readability have facilitated quick implementation of algorithms and manipulation of large datasets. Overall, these proficiencies acquired during my university education enable me to tackle programming challenges effectively and approach software development with a comprehensive skill set.

My passion lies in the seamless interaction between machines and code. I thrive on leveraging Linux’s command line interface for system administration and software development. Python serves as my go-to language for rapid prototyping, data analysis, and machine learning. Exploring Raspberry Pis, I integrate hardware and software, harnessing Python’s capabilities. The fusion of machines and code fuels my drive to create innovative solutions and unlock endless possibilities.

My Skills

I am a firm believer in continuous learning and have a keen interest in exploring new technologies and programming languages. My goal is to expand my skill set and leverage these tools to enhance my programming capabilities, enabling me to deliver efficient solutions in a more time-effective manner.




Florida International University (FIU)

Bachelor in Computer Science

During my studies at Florida International University (FIU), pursuing a Bachelor in Computer Science, I acquired a diverse skill set in programming and system administration. Through rigorous coursework, I gained proficiency in programming languages such as Java, C/C++, and Python, enabling me to develop efficient and scalable solutions. Additionally, I acquired valuable knowledge in command-line interface (CLI) and Unix/Linux systems, expanding my understanding of system administration and enhancing my ability to navigate and optimize these environments. With a strong foundation in computer science principles and hands-on experience with various programming languages and operating systems, I am equipped to contribute effectively to software development and system administration roles.


United States Army

Small Arms/artillery repair 91F

During my time as an Army 91F, I maintained and managed a vast inventory of small arms and artillery pieces. Additionally, I conducted multiple training sessions to teach fellow soldiers how to operate and maintain their assigned weapon systems. These experiences greatly enhanced my communication skills, adaptability, organization, attention to detail, and task prioritization. They have played a significant role in my overall professional growth beyond my military service.


Apacargo Express

Diplomatic Cargo Specialist

In my role as a Diplomatic Cargo Specialist, I coordinated transportation of diplomatic cargo for international government entities. I ensured smooth logistics for shipments worldwide, developing strong organizational and problem-solving skills while working alongside my father, the company owner. With precision and efficiency, I successfully managed multiple diplomatic cargo shipments, built strong client relationships, and maintained compliance with embassy and government contracts, facilitating seamless transportation of official cargo.